When taking pictures you always seeks to avoid scratchs and dust trails on your lens, but now we will show you how to make some scratchs with your favorite image editing software – Photoshop.

Step 1

This tutorial explains how to create one scratch for your image.
To run this tutorial you will need a background image.
You can use this image right here:

Scratch tutorial

Create a new layer. Set foreground color to white. Using the Paintbrush tool and a small brush (8-12 pixels) draw a rough line which will define the scratch.

white line with brush

Step 2

Apply Motion Blur filter (Filter > Blur > Motion Blur) to the layer with the scratch.
Adjust angle to match the angle of your line and Distance so the line will be stretched twice its length.

motion blured image

Step 3

Apply Unsharp Mask filter (Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask). Adjust the values so the scratch become somewhat sharper, like this:

unsharp mask

Step 4

Now, right-click on Layer 1 and choose Blending Options.

From there choose Color Overlay, and click on that default red color to change it. Change red color with color picker (go with mouse to your picture, move that “select color” window if it bothers you, and go to picture, your mouse pointer will be transformed to color picker tool now click on some darker spot of image, to select that color). It’s crucial here to use color that is darker than overall look on picture. And when you choose your color, drag it down to make it even some more darker. Like this:

darker color

Click Ok, and again OK.

Step 5

Now press CTRL+Shift+N to create new layer above. Now select that new layer and your scratch layer. Press again CTRL+E to merge it into single layer.

Set the Blending Mode of the scratch layer to Linear Dodge and Opacity to 75%.
Right click on scratch layer and choose “Duplicate”, to duplicate that layer (with scratch that you brushed).
Set the Blending Mode of the new layer to Mutiply and its Opacity to 75%.

Offset it right and top 10-12 pixels. That will create an illusion of depth.


final result