So, in this tutorial you will learn how to put your apple, or any other fruit to life! 🙂 This is a simplest way of adding human characteristics to a fruit of your choice. In this tutorial we will be using apple.

Step 1

Fire up your Photoshop, and get your images from somewhere, you will need an photo of apple, and another one of human face of your choice. In this tutorial, we will be using these 2 images:

Step 2

Now it’s time to use Elliptical Marquee Tool, and cutout human face. Copy and paste that selection to image with apple.

Now press Ctrl+T to resize pasted Layer 1 to apple size, and also rotate it a bit to match position of apple, like this:

Step 3

Duplicate that layer with human face, right click on it and choose Duplicate Layer. Turn off visibility for that duplicated layer by clicking on eye left to it.

You will be working on first Layer 1 now, that duplicated layer will be needed later.

Next thing you have to do is erase parts of human face, until you get only nose, lips, eyes and eyebrows. You will use Erase Tool (E), with classic rounded brush with these settings:

Master diameter: 130px, Hardness: 0%, Opacity: 100%, Flow: 100%

Now, start erasing until you get something like this:

Step 4

In layers palette select Layer 1 and Layer 1 copy (click by holding shift key). Start positioning layer on apple, move it until you get good looking humanized apple like this below. You can also resize id additionally and rotate if you want.

Next, use Elliptical Marquee Tool and select right eyebrow and Copy and paste it. Go to Edit -> Transform -> Flip horizontal. Position that flipped layer on top of left eyebrow to make the face symmetrical.

Again use Erase tool and erase that hard edge on new copied left eyebrow.

Then press Ctrl+alt+L and adjust middle tones to match overall look of surrounding area of eyebrow. Like this:

TIP: by moving middle triangle in Input Levels you are adjusting middle tones (levels) of image. Black triangle to the left is for black tones, and white on right i obviously for white tones.

Now select Layer 1 and Layer 2 and press Ctrl+E on keyboard to merge that copied eyebrow and rest of the face to one layer.

Step 5

So, now we are on right track. Change blending mode for Layer with face (Layer 2) to Hard Light.

Bring back original layer that you duplicated earlier (Layer 1 copy) – just click again on that eye left from layer. Now zoom in and select eyes and lips like this:

For that selection you can use combination of Lasso tool, Polygonal Lasso tool and Elliptical Marquee tool. The key in using combination of selection tools is to use it with Shift key pressed to add to selection and Alt key to subtract from selection. So you don’t have to make it perfect selection the first time, you can work it out this way easier.

When you are finished with selection go to menu Select -> Refine Edge. There you can fine tune your selection or just enter these settings:

Click OK. Press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy&paste that selection to new layer.

Turn off now that original layer with human face (Layer 1 copy) just click on eye again to turn visibility off.

Select Layer 2 again in layers palette and press Ctrl+Alt+L and adjust its levels like this:

Next you need to correct areas that are still too bright:

You will do that by using Burn tool.

Use this settings for Burn tool:

Now work your way around eyes and with light movement try to “burn” all areas that are too bright. On this particular example I have burned this areas:

Step 6

You will notice that this particular image of apple has reflections on both sides, but now it looks kinda funny so we will “heal” reflection behind left eye with Healing Brush tool.

Turn off Layer with face, and select Background layer. Choose Healing Brush tool and use this settings:

Now press Alt and click little below that reflection and then just click on top like on this image:

And with right clicking again and clicking little higher you can heal entire area using “good” areas of apple. Just work your way on that curve to fill all of that highlighted area.

When you are finished turn on that Layer 2 (human face) now.

Eventually you will get something like this:

Almost done now 🙂

Select now Layer 3, and choose Burn tool again. Make sure to choose these settings for burn tool:

Try to burn lips following the paths like shown:

And that’s it!

Optional: the thing I did to finish this one is again to copy right part of apple bottom and flip it horizontally like eyebrow to make the apple more symmetrical.


This is it, you now have fully human looking apple. Cute huh? 🙂