Bak 04 Bak 04 is online and ready for download. Packed into nice executable swf interface, you will enjoy reading it. 04 issue of Bak magazine has 8 special interviews. Turkish designer Emrah Yücel who is very much appreciated with his numerous film posters in the heart of cinema-Hollywood, one of the leading names of contemporary graphic design in the world today – Vince Frost, Zimbabwean Chaz Maviyane Davies with his exquisite personality and striking posters, director Joseph Kosinski who creates impressive commercials by combining video and animation, successful photographer Richard Foster who increase the value of the products that he captures with his camera, talented young designer Sophie Toulouse who attracts attention with her modern style, Russ Murphy who works on sprite graphics design for TV channels like MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, and Erkut Terliksiz who is admired for his unique illustration work are all included in the fourth issue of Bak Magazine with their valuable opinions and traces. Link: Download