We have updated final-design.net to version 2.0

Current site updates are:

  • each news article now has popularity ranking
  • updates to article bottom meta data (under article)
  • changes to main theme (search bar is now under right menu)
  • changes to login box, it’s now on top right corner in one line
  • some minor CSS style changes
  • Time edited: 2006-11-01 T14:26:14
    Another update is made. Every InternetExplorer and Opera user will now see an add to GET FIREFOX. Why is that? Because our site C O M P L Y S with XHTML 1.0 and those faulty browsers are ignoring that. Well Opera is on right track, almost like Firefox, but IE is far behind.
  • Time edited: 2006-11-02 T12:40:55
    Anyway, all Firefox users will never see that ad. 😉 Cool, ain’t?
  • And newest update today is bullets in the right menu, all bullet styles are changed now to stylish one, image type. Anyway minor changes may happen later today…

If you find some errors in theme appearance, css errors, not valid XHTML errors, or errors of any kind, please post them here. Thanks!