If you work as a graphic designer, or you just started to learn about graphic design, you will soon come across issue about maintaining color consistency trough various printing techniques. To maintain color consistency here is this simple tutorial for you.

Step 1

Make sure you calibrate your monitor. This will not be easy task, there are many devices out there for hardware calibration, and many of them are pretty expensive, but that’s the price for being creative 🙂

My recommendation for calibrating is Pantone Huey it’s pretty small device, with affordable price, that connects trough your USB port. With simple walktrough you will calibrate your LCD or CRT monitor in no time.

Now if you cant afford hardware calibration, there is many websites out there that have some general guidelines on adjusting your monitor performance manually without hardware support.

With older versions of Photoshop there was utility software called Adobe Gamma, you could find it under Control Panel on PC. It was cool little utility and you could also calibrate your monitor with it.

Step 2

After you have done your calibration start up Photoshop. Go to Edit -> Color Settings.

Press on that button More Options.

Now if you are from Europe as me, you will choose these settings:

Also make sure to turn off Profile Mismatches and Missing Profiles because it can get really annoying if you open up bunch of images.

Now if you work and live in USA, you will probably have to choose this settings:

Step 3

Now save your profile to some name, press to Save… and choose your profile name.

Open up Adobe Bridge now.

When Bridge opens up, go to Edit -> Creative Suite Color Settings. Now choose your profile from list and press apply.

Your profile is now synchronized with all Adobe Creative Suite applications. Now you can be sure that every document you produce will have consistent color profiles.