Markzware has released another great plugin for QuarkXpress users – PM2Q6. PageMaker to QuarkXpress plugin. This newly released plugin now supports conversion of PageMaker files to QuarkXPress v6.0 for this items: Layers, runaround on all sides from the obstruction object, runaround path that doesn’t match the box, Pantone Hexachrome, PM2Q6 also displays QuarkXPress v6.0’s missing font dialog enabling replacement of all missing fonts.
You have to be aware that this conversion isn’t perfect. There will always be something you will need to correct yourself.

List of features in plugin:
Layers are “tiers” of a page layout document. PM2Q6 now allows you to preserve and import PageMaker layers into a QuarkXPress v6.0 document.
The PageMaker text runaround feature lets you control the way text runs behind, around, or within items and pictures.
The Pantone Hexachrome color system is fully supported ensuring correct color mapping.
A PM2Q6 preference has been added to the QuarkXPress 6 preference menu that gives the user the ability to select the language they would like the PM2Q6 menu to display. This preference also allows the user to synchronize the language displayed on PM2Q6 with the language of the operating system.
PM2Q6 now supports the QuarkXPress v6.0 missing font dialog enabling replacement of fonts that are not active on the system and are used in the document being converted.
PM2Q6 is available for Macintosh and Windows systems and is supported as an XTension on QuarkXPress v6.0 only.