2006 Advertising Annual

This year advertising annual displays more than 250 pages, choosen from the best of design prints, ads, consumes and institutional prints, poster and even radio commercials.
As it’s published each December, it’s printed in 74.000 copies which will be distributed worldwide, and give more credibility and exposure to great creators of outstanding work.
The Advertising annual is printed on one of the finest printers in US on premium 80 lb. coated paper.
You can enter your work also, but a commision fee must be payed, and your work (printed or aired) must be published first time between June 3, 2005 and June 2, 2006.
If your work is accepted you will be notified before September 12, 2006. Nine judges will judge all the work, as described on dexinger design portal. Deadline for all entries to Advertising annual is June 2, 2006. More info and entry forms can be found here.