Quanto? competition

This competition is opened to all graphic designers in the world, disregarding the age or culture. You may enter your works for this comptetition until 1.6.2006. when is deadline for submit.

About the competition
As people from dexinger design portal said:
Quanto Project: International Graphic Design Competition QUANTOproject is a “graphics” international competition attempting to explore the meaning of the word “prostitution” both from a moral and a sexual standpoint. Such graphics will interpret the above subject utilizing visual means, thus allowing for new starting points of reflection.

You may send your works in Illustrator, Freehand, JPG formats, on CD-rom on their post adress or via email. Size of the design must be 50×50 cm or 50×70 cm, and also you can submit more than one work. The jury consists from 10 people, mainly art directors and journalists. All other rules can be find here. Good luck to all who enters!