If you are a designer you cannot afford to miss out having an online portfolio. Avoiding an online portfolio can reduce the opportunity to tap a number of serious potential for your business. The online design portfolio are the most reliable and quicker ways to convert your potential clients into paying clients. However, having a mediocre kind of online portfolio will not suffice, unless you incorporate a couple of client converting design elements as discussed under.

The contact form

A contact form can be called as the most vital elements of any client converting portfolio. So, while incorporating these forms in your online portfolios, you are supposed to have the one which are easy to use and fast to fill out the details. This way you get all the basic contact details from your prospective clients, which could help you in converting them in your paying clients. The important fields include name, contact details (phone or email address or both) along with a short description of things they want from a designer.

Simple navigation

If you’re potential client visits your online portfolio and doesn’t feel comfortable while browsing your designer site, it can be a very dejecting experience for him or her. You are therefore supposed to make easy layout simple to understand and use and the one which do not frustrate them. You can ask your friends and family to test the navigation or layout of your online portfolio and collect their honest feedback to carry out the necessary changes.

Put bold work samples

You cannot put all the artwork or piece over your online portfolio. Hence whenever you put some new artwork, make sure you simply delete some old one (a less important) from your profile. In order to display your design work, you are supposed to use big pictures with bold photography and bright colors. If you manage to give a good impression, you are more likely to convert the visitor into your client.

Landing pages

There are countless of forms over your website, however, if you fail to give your potential clients a reason to fill it out, they will certainly not going to do that. Hence, it is important to create a series of landing pages. These are pages which can encourage conversion (in your case, it will motivate to fill the contact form). In your landing page, you need to include things like sample work, testimonials and couple of other reasons why the visitor should call you for giving business.


This is a world of social recommendations; hence your potential clients would like to know what your earlier clients have to say about your quality and service. So, you are therefore supposed to put few testimonials and words from your clients who gave you good remarks. It can be a good idea to have a testimonials page which stands alone, however, you can even think of incorporating over your landing pages.

Social media links

If your potential clients or visitors see the social media links over online portfolio, they get a better reason to connect with you. In fact, doing so gives them a feeling that they are connected to any real person. This will give them more reasons to call you for any work as they can really feel some human link behind your work.

Final word

Just by having any online portfolio will not yield anything for your design business. But when you incorporate these elements, you are bound to get a good response from your potential clients. So, don’t miss them adding in your online portfolio to add the magic.

About the author: Claudia is a writer by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She also consults on Devrover.com and contributes on Bornrich.com