Mindwrap company announced ScanTango software for boosting up converting of scanned images into PDF documents.

ScanTango automates the conversion of paper to PDF or TIFF and can Save, Email, Print, Fax, and FTP your file to selected destinations. And it can do it all with a single click.

"Each type of document we encounter in day-to-day business has a strong tendency to be processed in the same way. For example, when you receive an invoice, you might pay the invoice and file it for future reference. Or perhaps you generate invoices to several customers and wish to email each invoice to the client and file a copy on your computer. Or perhaps you are a lawyer working a case with a distant colleague. For every document you receive on discovery, you might wish to email a copy to your colleague, generate a hardcopy printout, and keep an electronic copy on your computer."

The application fully supports all Fujitsu Workgroup document scanners and works with USB-powered sheet-fed scanners from Sysview Technology as well.

Currently there is version 2.4.3 of ScanTango ready for updating.

ScanTango will cost you around  $99. Scan tango also require Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
You can download the software at ScanTango website.