There is a way to easily translate opensource version of popular TeamLab software. To translate you will first obtain SQLite Database Browser from this link.

Now open SQLite and open your TeamLab Resources.db3 database. This .db3 file is located in your TeamLab install folder under:

c:\%Teamlab Install Folder%\Data\Db\Resources.db3

For reference on my local install this was located in:


When you open database in SQLite go to tab Browse Data, and choose “res_data” as selected Table.

Now click on search icon, and you can start translating. Easiest way is to translate english language which is definded in every row as “Neutral” in “cultureTitle” column.

You can easily now do search and replace with Find tool when you click on search icon.


To replace word “Actions” with your own translation under Find tool choose “textValue” and “=” as matching symbol. In empty field type “Blogs” without quotes, and click Search. Now you will get list of all matching fields. All that is now left to do is to click on each record and where is cultureTitle Neutral, doubleclick on textValue to replace it’s content.


When you are finished with translation click on save button to save your database. Now restart the computer where TeamLab is installed, and see your changes – this is crucial – if you do not restart the machine you will not see any changes in browser.

Easy, huh? 🙂