Like any other designer, graphics designers have to utilize not only their aesthetic sense but have to conjure up their designs, by having a very good and creative imagination. They are as much inspired by the daily activities and things around them, which most of us will take for granted. They create some of their best works with the inspiration drawn from all these.

However, just like a writer with a ‘writer’s block’, graphic designers too have their bad days when nothing comes to mind. There is no fresh source of inspiration to draw upon and as such, they come to a grinding halt of whatever project they were to work upon. It is during such days that they must turn to other sources which can create some spark in their imagination. Here are 5 places from which graphic designers can try to get a quick fix when deadline looms over.

1. Street art for a change

When you are unable to come up with anything inspiring, just leave everything and take a walk down your neighborhood area where there are street arts on display. Street artists have a unique style of their own, whether they are created professionally in an amateurish style.

They create by using ordinary objects like stones and steel, transforming them into amazing pieces of art. Check out the graffiti and posters that have been put up and study them to enable the design to speak to you. Street art is temporary and may be gone the very next day, so if a certain piece has made an impression, then take a photo for future reference.

2. Foreign packaging

One can dismiss food packaging as mundane and uninspiring but you will be surprised at what you can get sometimes. Try stepping into a store where they are selling products that you normally would not buy because they are foreign to you.

Check out their packaging and labels and see what they can conjure up for you and buy the ones that are visually appealing. Keep the package for reference as it can give you details you might just have missed.

3. Look for exciting colors and textures

When you go out, make a habit of collecting stuffs which may appeal to you for their colors and textures. They could be anything ranging from visiting cards, paint and fabric swatches which may all come in handy for getting your creative juices flowing.

4. Architecture for inspiration

Go out and take a look at some of the appealing buildings in your area and see if they can speak something to you. Study the various structure of the buildings or the way they have been decorated, so you can have an idea of what elements appeal to you the most. You could use some of these thoughts in creating your own work.

5. Music and the soul

If you have the habit of listening to music while you create, then try listening to a music genre which you might not otherwise listen to. Sometimes, the music change can really hit a note of inspiration within you, and you might end up creating the best piece of work.

Whenever, you as a graphics designer find yourself at a dead end, these are some of the inspiration trigger buttons for you to seize upon.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on music stands that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on wireless USB adapter.