Concept art refers to representation art whose main aim is to convey the idea or the design in visual way. The concept art can be a movie, animation, comic book or video games. Concept art is related to visual development that can relate to retail design, architectural design and fashion design. Concept art is mostly based on 2D or 3D platform. For a concept artist, a sense of good graphic designer is crucial. Concept art ranges from traditional painting to photorealistic techniques. For a concept art a special type of software is employed in which small details of pixel by pixel can be kept.

Today there are numerous examples of concept art; one of the famous examples of concept art is Knight Illustration. This concept art is famous worldwide. Here are some beautiful creations of impressive concept art:

1. Partisan Knight

Partisan Knight- this is made by raynkazuya. This is a female knight character from zems race. An upcoming game names zems is based on the fantasy world of the Collossals & other mythical creatures. This also includes other game elements; this is inspired by real time scheme.

2. Tiziano Baracchi

Tiziano Baracchi from “Crusaders of the Amber Coast” is an addendum for basic – roleplaying system. This will be released in April next year. This crusader is from Italy and is made by Photoshop and painter. The place shown is Livonia and the fort & equipment’s used are inspired from archeological sources.

3. Fallen knight

Fallen knight made by Daniel moos is a fun filled knight after he has won the battle. But on the other side he is a thief of armor that belonged to dead knight. He has been given a touch of drunk. Software used to create this concept art is: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, Silo, and after effects.

4. Knight

Knight by Paul Chadeisson is a result of speed paint. The software used to create this knight is Photoshop. This creation shows the flowing effect.

5. Vengeant knight

Vengeant knight by Slawomir Maniak shows a strong character, the face of the knight is aimed at something and he looks sturdy and strong.

6. Blood of innocent

Blood of innocent made by Piotr Sokolowski is a beautiful example of concepts art; this concept art portrays a dead body being carried by a warrior.

7. Scarlet knight

Scarlet knight from the World of war craft is made by conceptarthouse. This concept art shows a knight with dark and blurred background.

8. Paio peres Correia

Paio peres Correia created by Dzung Phungdinh shows an angry figure with animated clouds; the figure is depicting certain type of danger. The background is artistically created with blurred edges.

9. Kishidan

Kishidan created by Buddy jiang, shows a battle field. It is concentrated on the main character, rest the background is filled with light effects, and the mythical animals are used as carriers.

10. Knight

Knight created by Kyoung Hwan Kim has combined two effects, first is the frontal effect the actual standing figure and second is the wings; the wings are looking as if they are merged with the background.

11. Blood knight

Blood knight made by Ziv Qual depicts fighting knight; he wears a protective shield and is in a fierce mode. This concept picture makes use of dark background to give emphasis on the fighting knight.

12. Lego, Krypton

Lego, Krypton created by Andreas Rocha is one of the famous concept art. He is a freelancer concept artist & a matte painter, he is currently working

13. Knight made by Matthew law

Knight made by Matthew law has a florescent background, it is seen that it is a full imagination product; this concept picture shows as if the figure is emerging from the dark and coming forward.

14. War hammer Online: age of reckoning

War hammer Online: age of reckoning is created by Jonathan Kirtz. He is a freelancer concept artist and illustrator. He has a big name in gaming industry.

15. Knight by Artur Szygulski

Knight by Artur Szygulski is a unique creation, this big headed knight is pleasant to see, and the emerging light on the background highlights the personality.

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